I bring...

a human-centered approach to projects. I find research and user testing invaluable parts of the design process. Curiosity, questioning assumptions and listening with an open mind guide my approach. I have developed a broad range of skills from working in various roles. 

Work that excites me…

includes designing purpose-driven tools that merge utility and delight. Creating digital experiences that improve non-digital life. Art and media projects and products. Services working to improve healthcare.   

As a freelance experience designer with a focus on digital products, I have worked both with clients independently and as part of larger teams, at start-ups and established agencies. My background includes extensive work in user experience and visual design, with minor forays in information architecture and code. This experience has placed me in diverse environments with talented people and helped evolve my skills.

My process adapts to meet the needs of each project, however, below are key elements to my design process:

Assess the product and market landscape

Understand the product’s unique features, highlight potential challenges, and review current competition.

Outline objectives and metrics of success

Discuss and clarify project goals. Help define success based on product and user research.

User research and testing throughout the design cycle

Gather and document user insights from qualitative and quantitative data, such as focus test concepts, in-depth user interviews, a/b testing, beta feedback and analytics. Being open to various points of view is an important part of the process.

Ideation, sketching, wireframing & prototyping

Brainstorm various solutions and iterate on those ideas. Designs start by sketching flows and progress to annotated wireframes. Prototype (low and high fidelity) in different forms, from paper and inVision to more interactive experiences in Framer and HTML/JS.

Visual design & pattern libraries

Explore visuals and create a UI pattern library that works within the brand guidelines and on multiple platforms. Animate and document interactions.

Collaboration with development

Work with the development team to build out the products. Clarify restrictions throughout the design phase and providing documentation (from full specifications during UX to sharing Zeplin files for UI).


Inspired by

Dieter Rams, Don Norman, Kelli Anderson, Lygia Clark,  Sol LeWitt, Agnes Martin, Tadao Ando, Jared Spool, Jessica Walsh, Wim Crouwel, Gareth Pugh, Iggy Pop, Wesley Morris, Minimalissimo Magazine, Podcasts from Design Observer, Slate and Vox ...and so much more...

Favorite offline experience

Visiting art & design museums. 2018 was a year of so many amazing exhibitions! Eternally thankful to the Whitney for introducing me to Mary Corse. I fell head over heels for her.

Work essentials

Muji grid notebooks and mechanical pencils, lots of coffee.

...with the help of computers from the libraries of the world, all the latest material is xeroxed just for you personally – not as something to be put out on a bookshelf. Instead, the package is sent to you as a direct personal service. This is where we are heading under electronic information conditions. Products are increasingly becoming services."
— Marshall McLuhan, 1966  |  Predicting Interactive Communication via the Internet
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